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  • Yeah, i didn't know what to title this post. lol

    The names Caleb, but most of my friends call me Sketch. I have been working on a project that is heavily inspired by classic platform games from my childhood. I was motivated to do so when i first heard about Andrew and Super Ubi Land. Artistically, i am doing completely fine. Program wise, not so much. You see, i am not the most technical savvy person out there. And trying to juggle the art aspect as well as doing all the work on the Construct 2 engine, well, it's become quite the burden. So i have decided to swallow my pride and ask for help. I need someone that has plenty of time to devote to this project, has plenty of knowledge of Construct 2 and how it works. I have tried working with people in the past, but i haven't found anyone reliable. I won't ramble too much longer. If you like to have more info let me know. I don't mind showing some of my art work or pieces of what i am working on.

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  • I'd like to know some more.

  • Shinkan, well i am primarily interested in making small mobile games and PC games. My main focus at the moment is a platform game called Gumbo. (Silly name i know). A lot of my time is going into enemy designs, character animations, level designs and platforms. The art part comes easy to me. Putting everything together to make it function doesn't. So i am looking for someone to help primarily out with the mechanics. (i.e. events and actions, variables, etc). Of course when the game becomes complete, any profits will be split evenly between myself and whom ever ends up helping me. To be honest i am kind of winging this.

  • Could you show me some designs you have done for this project?

  • Sure. I don't have any final renders. Most of it's just sketches and concept animations. But here is a sample. You can see more of my art work at

    I used to do commissions for portraits and tattoo designs for people. But decided to move on as an artist. Game Development has always been something that interested me.

    I also have a working prototype controllable with an Xbox 360 controller. But i prefer to show that a little later, since as of now most of the level and enemies are placeholders.

  • (part 2)

    The idea of the game so far is it's going to be called Gumbo: A Gummy Adventure. You play as a small gummy bear who's quest is to stop the evil Colonel Candy Corn and his evil plot to turn every food into a corn related snack (candy corn, pop corn balls, kettle corn, etc). Personally the idea of the game was a joke between me and a friend but i decided to give the idea some life. Once i sketched some things on paper and made a playable level in Construct 2, most people around me were supportive of the idea. Everything in the game is going to be hand drawn from scratch, so i need someone's help to carry the burden some. I like to have this game out within the next year rather than the 5 years it would take me to do by myself (i am juggling a job and 3 kids as well).

  • (part 3)

    Please take in consideration that the above picture is simply concept art, and by no means reflects the final design or my artistic abilities.

  • What about gameplay? Is it gonna be a typical simple platformer (jump on heads, collect coins etc)? or something more?

  • Well, it's foundation is going to be your basic platformer (i.e. Mario Bros). This is my first game, so i am trying to keep things somewhat realistic. However, that being said, i want to incorporate story a lot more into the game, along with social features and leaderboards. There will be coins (or some form of collectible), but i want them to mean something beyond a hi-score or an extra life. Like i said, i need help. Between drawing everything and trying to figure out the mechanics, i haven't even got started on story boards yet, or even what the boss fights will be like. My knowledge of Construct 2 is pretty basic. I am still learning everything. But i feel i can learn so much more and accomplish so much more with an actual partner rather than spending hours upon hours watching youtube videos and reading forums.

  • I'm not a big fan of funny and cute platformers, but you need to try everything xD

    Can help you with C2 if you still looking for someone.

    Contact me on PM so we could talk a bit more on details.

  • I am also interested in talking more about this. I have been creating a game in C2, but I have no artistic talent at all. I do however have some skill at the more tech/logic side of things. I have a BS degree in Game simulation programming that has given me the basic for developing using C2. The game I have been working on is a basic plaformer that resembles the mega man style game when it some to game-play. You can dash, shoot, walljump, and etc.

    If you are still looking for someone to help out PM me and maybe we can get something started.

  • need any help with sound assets?

  • hey man, we need an artist, can I see some of your art?

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