Could use an artist for ESCAPE IS POSSIBLE

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  • Hi, my name is Tyler. I'm working on a project titled Escape is Possible. I have some good core mechanics going on and I feel that if I had someone to help me with just a little bit of art I could really step up the appeal of the game.

    Here's a list of some of the things I'd love to have done:

    *Furniture or Decor to add to the game atmosphere

    *new animated door, a much better terminal, better key-card sprite

    *AND if anyone has the skills to make a new top-down player/and enemies with multiple weapons and animations.

    If the game were to come to a point down the road where it becomes monetized you would receive a percentage that we could negotiate at that point preferably.

    In my signature below, you can find both a link to the game on the Scirra Arcade and a link to the original forum topic, which contains screenshots and GIFs.

  • Here's a (not the best quality) GIF showing the most recent update of the game. I'm constantly working on the game and have potentially big plans for it! Please if you have interest in helping with the art or even just want to give me input on features I should add, shoot me a PM or reply to this thread!!!

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  • Hi there,

    Can you email me at ,

    With some more info,

    How long you think the project will take etc,

    Also i will send you some portfolios

    Look forward to hearing from you,



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