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  • Hi everyone,

    Im here because i have an idea for a top down shooter game but at the moment i am paying a good deal of money for artwork on my personal project.I want to make Something similar to SAS3 on the Android Market.The catch is i want to have objectives in game.Most zombie top downs do not have much happening in game but alot of shooting.The sprites im looking to find will need to be atleast 48x48.I would like to release this game for free but maybe if the content is good enough it will be worth a buy.Profit share is 50/50 between artist and myself.If your interested just leave me a pm.Thanks everyone.

  • Can you give us an idea of the amount of work required?

    (how many characters, types of zombies, pickups?, HUD elements? How many animations you looking at)

    Maybe some idea in the type of "art style" you are looking for?

  • Discmach Of Course I was thinking atleast 5 different Monster/zombies with basic walking anim,Maybe some extra effects can go along with an attack for projectiles,The main thing is With the F2P games nowadays,There needs to be depth,just enough depth to hook the player and keep them satisfyied about Whatever purchases they have made.<img src="" border="0" />

    Here a something similar to the style im looking for,The one issue is the characters are just two small! I have took this game around Older People and they have litterally said the game itself is just two tiny,I think we can clone this game but take it a few steps further,having decent art is a big part of it.To get back to the asset part for you guys,We will need somewhere in between 5 to 10 different monster types 5 being zombie types and 5 being something in the genre that would mesh well with zombies for instance Skeletons.Hud elements will be limited because i want to keep the screen clean<img src="" border="0" /> Here is a really good example,But i want to get rid of the map system,the worlds are never big enough for a gps system.The pickups will mostly be Cash since you have to stay alive we will take a stratigic approach on how to use the cash,But we also have to bring in some BLOODTHIRSTY POWERUPS/Perks and just Oldschool TopDown action thats been missing from games lately.Most of this stuff is in IDEA mode,its all manifesting in thought so we can start basic and move forward with a flawless system for TDS.If anybody needs more info or if these pics dont load just type in SAS3 on google Images you cant miss it.Thank You

  • It would also be good to know if you can make Maps similar to whats shown in the pictures.SAS3 has over 1 Million Downloads and i think we can top them.

  • If it wasn't so much a clone of the game, I'd be a little interested

  • Discmach I think if it isnt broke dont fix it,when it comes to the art and feel,that alone will change the game,Music,monsters possible story line,level creation are prime targets for change.But thanks for the reply man it does mean alot to get feedback! good karma too you

  • Hey, got a similar game I am want to expand on

    <img src="" border="0">



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  • Awesome stuff johnnyl7x do you have any more screenshots? And are you looking get help or just throwing that info out there?I like the Cover it could be worked on somewhat to be more polished aswell.I want to see some more of this.PM me or drop me a msg on here.

  • Dual stick shooter seems to be very popular on mobile.

    More screen added at web.

    Just a 1 day game, hope to expand on the gameplay.

    More weapons, levels...

    FREE version on PLAY (lags on dual core)

    Win 8 runs at 60fps

    or can PM me for demo.

    <img src="smileys/smiley16.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Im still looking for any artists that want to collab and make a free to play Top Down Shooter game.

  • PM sent.

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