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  • Hey Fellow Constructians!!

    Just letting you all know...I have some free time available again to do art for games...

    If you require the services of a Professional Artist, for ANY assets at all...including Concepts, MENU Guis, Character Art, Scene Art,Inventory props, Level design, Title Splash pages, Logos or general house sundries!!

    Phew..yeah so I only have a limited number of Free work slots if you are wanting ART with that edge, to make it is a good time to grab hold of me...

    These spaces will come up again ..but Timing is ..Just letting you all know...

    If you need samples of my art...go look here..

    it a very old gallery ( needs updating I dont have time to do it..haha) but it shows some of the older art I have done for various projects around the world...

    Old Online Gallery of Taz

    Lets get your GAME MADE!!!! and out there so people can plays it!!....

    and have fun!

    Best wishes....


  • Hi, Taz!

    I think I sent you a message from the link on your website. If it comes across as a garbled mess I saved the text and can e-mail you instead.

    I've never commissioned work before, so if everything I had to say was amateurish, professionally insulting, and not remotely what you need to know, I'm terribly sorry.



  • ahh no worries..I has a good sense of humor...looking forward to the new insults..they better be good ones :P

    maybe Private message me on here if its easier....CHeers...

  • mystazsea

    hi, just wanted to say, your work is beautiful...

  • Oh thankyou Mineet :)

    Its nice to hear that...I am often too busy to get replies or comments...but its really appreciated ..Thankyou..:)

    Making art is my life...I love it...

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  • Hey I'm interested in hearing your going rate and how much you charge or want for each project? If you would be interested in a profit-share or you want an upfront payment, or whatnot.

    Email me at

    and well talk more

    • Hope to hear from you soon!
    • Anthony
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