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  • I'm working on a platformer. My art just isn't good. I'm looking for someone to provide me with art as I build. After release you get 35% of profits. Including ads, in game purchases, and all that. Anyone who's interested please post below.

    Game Name:


    Art Needed: Characters, blocks, background, menu art, simple animations, etc.

  • I might be able to help. Tell me a little about how the art should look.

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  • Hello. Here you can look at my flash game. I work with watercolor. If you like my art,I would like to hear what game is about and how it style. If it is interesting for me, i could help you.

  • Well here's some screenshots of mine. The name of the app is Blockformer. So things must be relatively blocky. I'm also open to art changes. If you have a better taste for what might look better, and I like it, we'll go with yours. My art is really for testing. So things don't have to be exactly like mine.

    I also am not firm on the penguin. :P

    The only thing I'm firm on is my font.

    Here's some pics:,1BQKFPU,Nw9sxdI,2FChrrd,TERi8aF

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • I'd like to help :)

    just inform me what you need and how do you want them look like

  • I have actually solved my art problem. I will keep all of you in mind for my next app.

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