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  • BIO João de Brito, 25 , GMT + 0



    ABOUT ME | I can take on any challenge in need of concept art or design iteration, at several different stages, and I specialize in design with strong elements of storytelling, props and mechanical design - although I'm comfortable with iterating level design solutions, key frame art and environment exploration as well. I've previously worked with a fair share of clients as a freelancer from medieval to cyberpunk themes, participated in a couple of indie projects and had the pleasure of contributing for mod community efforts such as Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil and Fallout 4: Project Arroyo. So far I've been featured by the likes of Keyshot, Renderweekly, RoadtoVR and other VR-related publications.

    Some work samples (more in my portfolio link!)

    WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR | I'm looking for any team/company in need of a concept artist, an all-around designer or any other opportunity you might have for me (UI, etc.). I come from a diverse background with an education in Industrial Design and Innovation and I've been working professionally as a concept artist for 3 years now. I'm in the London/Lisbon timezone, I'm comfortable with various 2D and 3D packages (Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, etc.) and I'm ready to go!

    Looking forward to hear from any interested people, DM or contact me through e-mail :)

    Kind Regards,

    João de Brito



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