Anyone here want to make a online game as a team?

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  • Anyone here want to make a online game as a team? I am thinking a 2d side scroller set in post modern days and futuristic days i'll do all the image work and platform engineering and ai all i need is the multiplayer and sound files and ideas, and a way to make moderators and users i dont care how you get the sign up and login to work just as long as it gets done and note this game is going to be 100% original, and it will have a story line to it, and i'll start a kickstarter project for it and once i have the personal edition i'll start paying you for your work, how you may be wondering, simple cash shop, and premium items and admins and inventory help are all necessary so i'll put your name in the credits and pay roll list, and then i will pay you and release the game, the game is going to be called Twisted Reality Art Of War... Our company name will be Falconsoft. So remember its a 2d hack and slash side scroller...

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