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  • Hi,

    I am looking for someone who already built an angry bird game or is willing to build it in a week. The catch that is need to play on the Iphone/ipad and PC.

    it is a very good pay and will bring more work after 2-3 games per month.

    PM for more details.

  • I'm sorry, but making a game isn't done in a week..

  • an angry bird one could be easily...(in a week that is)

    but you have this forum don't you and you don't know whether it's a 12 year old with a ASWUM PWAN he just needs someone to do all that PWOGWAMIN... and frankly you often get that impression.

    I do not mean to prejudge, but if I wanted work I might not actually say what I would PAY (on the forum) but I would be clearer on what I was after:

    -A whole game from scratch?

    -Is the game design done already?

    -Do you want the art assets created as well, have you got the art assets? What format are they in so what kind of work will someone need to do to convert them?

    -Do you require the games content as well, angry birds has several levels it's unlikely one person designed each level?

    If you are not clear on these things (how much work), you'll either get fleeced or you will be doing the fleecing.

  • Hi,

    I am afraid I do work in a company that has branches in Japan, NZ and the state.and we are not 12 year olds.

    I have the art, GDD and the levels designed we are having more work than we can chew and i was looking for someone who can help as a permanent basis leading to a full time job.

    The art can be supplied as PNGs or PSDs depends on the developer.

    The level design is supplied in the GDD and TDD.

    If you are interested to know more or hear about the work more please contact me with samples of your work.

  • Hey ... Why pay us for an angry bird game when you get a free example in the r109

    Just replace arts to your will and your game is ready !

    And also ... Sorry for being 13 years old ! :D

    Cheers ...

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  • I dont really see the point in building another angry birds game.

    Can the world please "get over" angry birds ?

    There are many other awesome games too.

    Angry birds was a good game because of the world getting to mobile gaming and it was easy to play with just a pull swipe and watch things tumble.

    But then, mobile gaming is going places and maturing very fast.. the need is to build better games that can use many user inputs just like on consoles/PC.

    IMHO, if anyone is still building another angry birds.. its a good time to re-think.. unless of-course your game uses some different type of user interaction.

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