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  • I normally don't freelance, but for the special case of the construct2 community, I am available to give quotes and estimates for programming your projects that need it. I am US based so my prices will *not* be competitive (fair warning) but will be fair.

    I can offer:

    Server set up, configuration, and managed hosting

    Drupal websites (set up and theming to match source artwork)

    Drupal modules

    JQuery, html, and css help/services

    Anything mysql or php

    I can also help with SEO/SEM/Marketing.

    I offer because construct2 draws in a lot of really good natured and talented artists who lack programming experience and I'd like to help out others who have the same goals of game development as I. I may be open to barter for equally valuable graphics, audio, or services.

    Please PM me here if interested. All payment via paypal, c2c/w4 on request.

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