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  • some of my friends advised me to make a prototype before offering any collaboration chance

    here's a prototype for the game I want to develop it


    "how the game works"

    it's all about logic (true and false)

    (true=>green color) (false=>red color)

    when you click on a square it flips the rounded squares(red=>green)(green=>red)

    "the target"

    the target is to make all the squares with green color(make all true)

    "the challenge"

    the challenge is to solve the puzzle with less moves possible

    little info about me : I am old programmer , developed too many games with unity 3d but I converted to construct 2

    I am a beginner with construct 2 , but I think it will not takes too long time to understand it well

    I have my own website and fan page - check http://seperto.com

    I have a license to publish in : windows/windows phone 10 stores , android , web .. etc

    I am publishing the games under my brand (Seperto)

    I have too many other ideas to implement - all ideas are new/innovative (you are welcome to implement it with me)

    also , I have no problem to work with any team , but I can't work on a fake/traditional idea

    new/innovative ideas only!

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