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  • Hello guys,

    I have been developping for a few time a game for the airconsole platform. Everything is working fine for the main game mode, graphism are in place and the whole API is setup no problemo. Here is a screen of the main screen :

    Controllers are working as well and the thing, after a few quick changes, is ready to go live to airconsole.

    If I need you, it's to help me out include 2 new game modes inside the game. They are designed but not started yet. These 2 new game modes don't introduce new functionality but need a bit of magic on the line-of-sight display (which I am struggling to create). On the controller and the screen. This would be needed in order to achieve this :

    Here ghosts are displayed but would only be when inside the line of sight.

    I will of course share revenue with anyone helping me out on this !

    All the best !

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  • Already got the Line of sight code part working. Come and help me out on the javascript thingy.

  • Things are going according to plan. Still nobody willing to help me out on the javascript part of things ? Just need to better my controllers (working but not so optimized) and that's it !

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