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  • Hi all,

    so I have an idea similar to the game quiplash. Its a multiplayer game were people join with there smartphones and answer questions. i discovered airconsole and love how simple it looks to integrate it into your game. I have used gamesalad in the past and made a game a few years ago (Scoreball on the Google Store), but I'm not familiar with construct. Airconsole is available to be used with construct with a plugin.

    My idea is similar to quiplash but different types of questions. I would do all the graphics (very minimal and simplistic), the flow of the actual game, and all the content (questions and rules). I feel like I could attempt this myself but I feel it would be much easier to work with another person, and would probably turn out way better. (that scoreball game was done be me and it took forever to do)

    anyone interested please message me and ill explain my idea in full

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  • Can i be the Coder for your future games?

  • I'm interested, If you need any assistance let me know

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