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    Who are we?

    We are a company dedicated to only bringing a unique and exciting gaming experience to our audience around the world. We will develop games for Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC. Additionally, our company provides game assets for clients all over the world. Whether they need sound FX, original music or artwork we do our best to help make their vision come to life.

    What are we currently doing?

    David, our Construct 2 coder, is currently learning the engine so we can start releasing games for Android. Eventually we will expand our market by obtaining a license to release on iOS and submitting our games to Steam's Greenlight program. Basically we are still establishing ourselves.

    More about our founder.

    Our founder and in-house music producer, John Montoya, creates various songs and jingles and releases them on sites like Jingle Punks, AudioJungle, and soon to be gameaudiobox. Not only does he create music for these music libraries, he has also created music for Xbox Live Indie Games, Ford Motor Company, J2 Labs, Red Robot Labs, and many more. You can find his music under the artist name “AnalogStik” on Pandora Radio, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and all other major online stores and SoundCloud. He founded Affinity Pixel Entertainment because he wants to revolutionize the video game industry. His goal is to include the community when he is working on video games by releasing free demos and asking for feedback, going on forums and asking what the community would like to see in his games, and more. He really wants to stay engaged with his audience so they can have an enjoyable experience.

    John's portfolio -


    Ford Motor Company/Ford Fiesta Movement


    J2 Labs

    Jingle Punks

    OverClocked Records

    Pandora Radio

    Red Robot Labs

    Xbox Live Indie Games


    Where are we located?

    Our office is located in Bryan, Texas. It's about 2 hours away from Austin.

    Will you pay me for my services?

    Not yet. Our plan is to start creating a game using Construct 2 and release it for free on Android. We will include ads to generate revenue and offer a low-price ad-free version the player can purchase. For now we will split the profits evenly. Eventually when our company is making enough revenue I would like to hire people full-time.

    How many employees do you currently have?

    3. John Montoya, our founder and Lead Sound Designer, Tristen Dunman, our Associate 2D Artist, and David Montoya, our Junior 3D Artist/Associate Coder.

    Which positions are available?

    We are currently seeking the following -

    Construct 2 Engine specialist

    2D/3D sprite artist

    Background artist

    Concept artist

    Sound designer (FX, not music)

    *More to be added soon*

    If you are interested please let us know!

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