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  • Hello!

    We developed a small HTML5 game, and we need to insert 5 Omniture tags.

    This is the game:

    We are not sure how to do it, we can pay and very good if anyone can help us ASAP.

    I can provide you the tags and the game files, it should be very easy.

    Please write me at:

    Thanks in advance!


  • cemece

    Please do not multipost the same topic in multiple threads.

    This is the correct place and I have deleted your other duplicate posts.

  • **Español**

    "Que necesitas hacer? solo ver la cantidad de visitas?

    no estoy seguro, pero me parece que no podrás hacerlo sin algún plugin de Omniture que al parecer no existe.

    podrías probar el plugin de Google Analytics

    se supone que Omniture y Google Analytics son parecidos.

    aunque Omniture es mejor, pero no veo que te quede otra opción."

    (se que hablas español, ignora el ingles que no hablo ingles xD, pero aquí obligan a hacerlo en ingles)


    What do you need to do? only see the number of visits?

    I'm not sure, but I think prodras not do it without some Omniture plugin that apparently does not exist.

    Might try the Google Analytics plugin

    is supposed to Omniture and Google Analytics are similar.

    although Omniture is better, but I see that you have left another option.

  • Hi Isaske!

    Thanks for you reply!

    Do you know how to do it?

    Please write me at: and let's talk.

    Maybe we can hire you to do this, if you are interested?

    We need to tag and track certain events with a game made in C2.

    It should be easy, we have the tags defined already, just we don't know how to apply them for sure.

    (Si estas interesado y sabes hacerlo, escribeme al mail de arriba y hablemos, solo tenemos que insertar un par de tags en el sitio para medir la actividad del usuario, GRACIAS!)

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  • I have sent an email

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