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  • Hi,

    I have a couple of applications I've built that allow a nice GUI, which exports text box fields and variable data into both excel and word format. I currently use the AJAX plugin to load in either a word or excel .xml file, carry out a find and replace to update the information contained. Then use either the browser plugin (preferred) or NW.js to download the updated file.

    Limitations on this method are that I am unable to input pictures into the created documents. I created a work around for the excel outputs, put if its possible I'd like a plugin so that i can develop further and have a more efficient solution.

    There are a couple of directions I've been pointed at, but they are outside of my comfort zone to learn / implement.

    Anyone that is interested give me a PM / reply back and we can look at in more details.


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  • Bump to see if any takers for this challenge :)

  • Hi, I'm interested to work on this. Would be great if you can drop me more details at so I can take a look over and get back with my thoughts.




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