72-hour Game Dev - Retro Arcade (Not Paid)

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  • Hey Game Devs,

    I'm looking to partner up with 2-3 people to start & finish a project within 72-Hours

    * We can arrange to start pre-planning the project next week (via skype or oovoo) , Organizing the Concept & Theme as well as lining up the artwork & music/sound effects.

    * Actual Development should start no later than next Friday 9/5

    I'd like for the scope of the game to be minimal, retro, arcade (Quick Play & Lose - Beat Your Highscore - style game) , upon completing this project I'll begin making a isometric style game based off Zaxxon

    so partners will be more than welcome to jump on board with that project as well .

    **I can not pay partners for participating on this specific project but that is not to say we can not learn a thing or two by working with one another . We can publish the Game as a Paid-Upfront App and divide revenue **

    • I've made two apps by myself so far "Don't Crash Dummy" (iOS,Android,BlackberryZ10,WindowsPhone8) & "Randy Rogue" (Android,BlackberryZ10,WindowsPhone8)
    • Let me know whats up ! #Indie
  • I'm not sure I can devote myself so abruptly for such an intense period of time but I can provide you with some designs for whatever it is you'd like. Retro and minimal would definitely work for me !

  • Lbird thats okay, if you'd still like to contribute some artwork that would be awesome, as of today I'll be discussing concept ideas with casual2 - feel free to add me on skype (I'll be online in an hour) or pm me so we can further discuss the concept.

    Thanks for reaching out.

  • Sorry I can't pm yet ! What's your skype ?

  • oh okay, my skype is: itzwavy

  • what kind of talent do you need?

  • bjadams I'm looking for C2 devs that can come up with a minimal concept for a retro game & pixel artists .

    One concept that I had in mind was either a side scroll or top down "Defend Your Base" game, but I'd like to hear other ideas as well .

    * i.e

  • I'd be up for this. I also have a load of prototypes (some on my user page: https://www.scirra.com/users/levelupjordan) that would make fun mini projects. I'd be up for something completely new too!

    I'm not much of an art guy but I'm not too bad (in my opinion) at programming and game design

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  • LevelUpJordan Let's talk man, pm a time tmrw or today that you'll be available to skype . Just finished playing Jump Man great job its a fun game.

  • What about a quick space shooter, but instead of controlling a ship, you control a person, and you gain upgrades on the fly (larger armor...maybe turn in to a transformer of some sort).

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