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  • Hi Everybody,

    Im looking to team up with an artist to make a game in which we could release to the public. I have a long list of games in mind that could easily be brought to light and worked up but I myself lack the skills of an artist. When it comes to programming I can get things done properly and wont quit until its pixel perfect. I would love to create any type of game at this point and really this would be a great opportunity to hone our skills,needless "to say if it does do well on a market it will look great on our portfolio.Im pretty much available to create any game so if you are an artist and have free time ....what are you waiting for! lets create something!

    My email is rednuggscat@hotmail.com email me there for a fast reply

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  • You should post some examples/demos of your coding-skills.

  • dhondon it would be really epic to have a portfolio as prestige as yours.Your website is outstanding aswell.Im pretty much at a point in my life where I have enough knowledge to work with someone to create a game.Im not a pro even tho I wish I was,but when it comes down to that,it dosnt take from my passion and in my eyes from what ive witnessed through life is,everyone starts at the bottom unless of course your donald trumps nephew or something but you know what I mean.

    I have no games of my own out at this point.I have just helped others with small tasks until i built a general knowledge of the system,Really what I want to do is prove that im able to do this to myself and fellow gamers/designers alike.Thank You Shadow Embryo I really am happy you replied, your art is epic aswell.

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