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  • HI,I have a game published on Play Store who was making 1000/1300 installs daily but 90 % of uninstall. So I decided to remake entirely the game with Construct 2. I improved gameplay and graphic, build the apk with xdk and upload to the market.

    After the update the game is losign 500/700 installs daily.

    Now I am trying to understand what has caused this big drop.

    The only changes for a customer on the store are the size 7MB vs 24 MB , the icon and screenshots.

    Maybe something went wrong with the compilation of the apk with xdk.

    So, I need someone with experience with Construct, intelxdk who has already published games to the Play Store to look in to my capx and intel xdk configuration to check if there is something wrong.

    Please contact me privately.

    skype madapps 00

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  • Did you compile with Crosswalk 7 or 10?

    If you used 7, then the SSL warning could be the problem.

    The file size could also be a deterrent. It's common knowledge on ASO websites that a large install file will result in fewer downloads. (People don't want to wait the extra few seconds when surfing for apps & not everyone has high speed broadband)

    I've had games go from 800 installs/day to 50/day with no obvious reason.

    It could also be the icon and the screenshots..?

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