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  • Hello

    I'm Serin Oh, project manager of Game Graphic studio named "design level" dslevel.com

    We are based on Asia for 10 years and had experienced international projects include

    Nexon Co., Ltd. / CAPCOM Entertainment Korea Co., Ltd. / Bushiroad Inc. / Netmarble Games / NCSoft / Bluehole, Inc. and so forth.

    As now we trying to get in touch with more oversea game industries, we'd like to offer some free test for game developers!

    By this, we aim to fill our portfolio or get in touch with oversea game industries.

    For sure, we guarantee to fill in NDA for these trials and prove business licenses if you need.

    We can handle most works in the 2D/3D art field for Games include Modelling, Texturing, Shading, UV mapping and below.

    - Environment / Character

    - Animation, spine, Live2D / Anima 2D

    - VFX, UI, VR Graphic

    - Substance, Unity, Unreal, 3D max, Maya …


    Animation and Environment/Character Concept Arts


    3D modeling, VFX, UI:


    If you are interested in this,

    contact me via mail dslevel_en[at]dslevel.com

    with your LinkedIn and a business license or official site of homepage where you belong.

    You can also find me on Skype with the mail address.

    We'd appreciate if you give us a chance to work with you as I will look forward to your inquiries!

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