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  • Hello,

    I have posted to make a humble request for the new game that i am working on. For the game i am asking the community for animations for simple monochromatic sprites of a person (below)

    <img src="http://www.designofsignage.com/application/symbol/hospital/image/600x600/man.jpg" border="0" />

    I would like him in the following animations (2-3 sprites per action)

    -Walking ( if u want to left and right, but i can invert it myself)

    -crouch/kneel (whatever is more aesthetic)


    -celebrstion (hand in the air)

    • a white filled copy of every sprite aswell

    PLEASE REMEMBER - this is a volunteer job.

    For the people who help in getting the sprite i will give them a subscription and bonus content ( + cheat codes). You will also be mentioned very gratifyingly in the credits (which i will make the player force-read)

    any queries please let me know

    thank you for your time

  • anyone

  • Q1) Did you make that image?

    Q2) I'll do it but only if you make the image and all animations creative commons for others to use, I call it the free for free model.

    Here's some of my work...


    And check out the game I made her on C2's Aracde via my profile page.

  • Hello BurningWood,

    thank you for the response, as i saw from your examples of previous work, you are a worthy spriter. So, here are the answers to your questions:

    A1)No, i did not myself make that image myself, although it was made by one of my friends. He told me to use it in any way I could.

    A2) (your second question is not a question) I already am a big supporter of the Creative Commons licences. I try to share all of my work for free and without any restrictions, Often, at the bottom of my work i add 'Use and Abuse'. Yes, i will use the sprites and animations and will share them to the world under the CC license of your choice.

    And to summarize this post i will say that i hope that you will help me to get the graphics.

  • is it a running game?

    Does the person shown need to be smooth only or can be doodled too?

    I can try doodling a bit if I find time; no promises though :)

  • Sigh, my vacation is over, so I'll have to do this Saturday. It should not take too long, so may be I can have it made sooner.

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  • Ash, here you go, just send me a link to the game when it's done, also I made some changes to help your process. For example, clear is better than white. Trust me on this one.

    It's here!


  • thanks BurningWood

    but, really, "toilet people"

    Thanks a lot, that was really great work

  • I just came across this website aggeron.com

    Cute 2d sprites.

  • Good Ref :)

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