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  • Greetings everyone in the Scirra community. My name is Chris, I'm the story writer and character design developer for a group of dedicated people whom are all in the process of designing a 2D fighting game for the PC, and eventually/hopefully for the consoles. We are incredibly dedicated FGC(fighting game community) members and inspired by games like the Marvel vs. Capcom series, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear series, Persona 4, Skull girls, and more, we launched forward to make our own unique and enthralling addition to the video gaming world. We meet on voice chats weekly, have an investor, and so far an amazing story that is unlike most we've seen. We have almost 20 complete character concepts and are aiming for 40 with further DLCs(downloadable content). Working on level design, sprites, and more.

    But here's the thing, we need programmers, sprite design/animators, and other people who are similarly dedicated and skilled in making a great fighting game, which will find a huge following in this ever-growing niche of video gaming. We will be setting up a Kick-starter, Facebook, and other social sites soon. If you are interested, please leave me a message at this email for more information.


    Check out our website! openpalmproductions.wix.com/projectarc

    Further posts to follow. =)

  • If I understand correctly, you are a group of dedicated people with a lot of ideas but no clue on how to make those ideas into a playable game.

    What will your roles be in the designing of the game?

    How much are you prepared to listen to the graphic artist and the programmer as to what is possible and what not?

    So what I'm actually asking is are the people responding to this message going to work FOR you or WITH you?

  • With lol am not paying no 1 but that being said this is a goal of me and my friends so we wont let anyone just steam roll and take control and do what they want to the game either

  • Well, good luck with finding someone!

    I've found working with/for people (without payment it's still work) who know exactly what they want, but don't understand how things are actually done is impossible. So I won't apply.

  • Could we get some concepts ? Story , characters , etc ?

    Also , can't any of you just grab a copy of C2 and make a prototype with blocks and squares ?

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  • We have concepts more storys and everything else its just not being released till its more done

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