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  • I'm a 2D Artist with a new game design/idea looking to hire an experienced developer to get my ideas and artwork into mobile runner game in the style of Ski Safari/ Jet pack Joyride/Banana Kong. I can provide artwork. I just need someone who can take my ideas and implement them into the game. Someone who is willing to collaborate and input ideas as well to achieve a fun and entertaining game . I need someone who also knows the graphic requirements, format, size, etc. I have a few sample images attached to show you the art style and what I'm looking to produce.

    I can go into more detail and you can contact me with your info at rernst1965 at g mail dot com.



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  • Cute Yetti, did you draw it?

    Have you made any large graphics sets before? If you can show a portfolio with examples of larger projects that will help a lot. Some devs may be a little gun shy on partnering, because most people don't have experience with large projects like this and may not be able to see it through, so examples of past work will help.

    That said, this is Construct! It's really easy to use. Have you downloaded it and given it a try yet?

  • Are you stil making this game, i can help.

  • Thanks, yes I did draw it. And yes I'm still looking to create this game.

  • Hi there ToonAsylum, I'm interested in helping you and I'm sure I can do a mobile runner game similar to jetpack joyride (I don't know the other two games)

    I don't have much games to show as a CV or something like that, but I have written a book on it's published on Packt: https://www.packtpub.com/game-developme ... onstruct-2

    I think that's good enough to show my knowledge

    let me know what you think


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