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  • Hi folks ! i'm 2D Game Artist and animator and i'm freelance looking for a paid projects, i charge by hour or project, i can take in charge the whole graphic part from UI/UX, Assets, Animations, background, and whatever you need.

    i worked for the famous 2D game http://www.dofus.com and i got much experience and skills on the 2D games domain.

    my works are on my old website www.bladedesign.org/old/

    for any questions just pm me or send me a mail on " contact bladedesign . org "

    See you soon !

  • i repost my message since i'm actually free for some projects in freelance.

  • Hello there.

    I can't access your site (firewall). Can you post here a couple images?

    Also, do you have a fixed rate for your working hour?

  • hi and thank's for your reply,

    her's some drawings made for some games, animations are on flash and can be seen on my website, i dont know how to post them in here.

    also i dont have a fixed rate, it depend on the complexity of the work and the time it takes, we can talk about it on private once i know exactly what you need to do.

    and these are some animations


  • Awesome work!

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  • Your work looks great! Could you take a look at either my game or my forum post (link to both in my signature), and let me know if you think you could do something for my specific project? If you could do the top-down style similar to the free assets I'm currently using, I would be interested in discussing prices. I think I may want to develop my game a little farther first, but please let me know and maybe we can wind up doing business together.

    The reason I ask for you to look at my project is because your work looks great, but I don't see any top-down stuff like what I'm looking for.

  • tallenwebdev i can do it, it looks like an old metal gear solid game and i like it, well it's possible just contact me in private or by skype and we'll discuss about details.

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