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  • Hi there Dev people,

    Hope you are doing great,

    I wanted to say that i'm available to do some freelance work, and that i'm offering my services at very cheap prices,

    If you ever want to build up a prototype or a full game, I will be glad to provide you with what you need,

    You can contact me via mail: rachidlansari(at)gmail(dot)com

    or send me a message o this same exact thread

    For those who wants to follow me on twitter, I have an account there: (at)rachidlansari

    Concerning people whom are interested in buying gfx packs: www(dot)gamedevmarket(dot)net/member/fassous/

    Wishing you the best of luck guys

    N.B: Below lies some of my work to let people have an idea of the kind of art i do furnish

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