2d game team needed(profit share renevue)

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  • team name hunter games

    my skype trg optic

    my role,level designer ,story,wrighter ,programmer

    an artist,who can also animate will be needed will be

    a concept artist is needed

    a second programmer will also be wanted

    a advertiser

    and a publisher

    and a project manager needed to be responsible with manage and correct the work

    game name

    The Quaorkz

    a 2d fighter,strategic platformer with at least 199 levels

    the quaorkz are a futuristic race of super human

    modifyed by dorkz.

    to withstand the end......

    they must deal with the after effects zombies and more ,plus a erovirus

    if intrested add me on skype or pm me for further details

    and anyone is welcome to help the more the better

  • Hey,

    I'm interested in your game project, do you have any design documents (one page doc, GDD, scenario, mock ups) already made ?

    I can help with the design of the game mechanics, make 2d assets and also work on concept art but I'd like to know more on this game.

  • If you want, I can post the game on my website, and advertise it. I cant promise anything page-view/advertise clicks wise because that depends on how good the game is, but its there if you want it. PM me if your interested

  • I can help you programming, i'll do it for free (Only my name in the credits) You can see my game portfolio here: www.goodfeet.hol.es, and add me on Skype: jespertenholder

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  • i do not have anything made but currently i am making a story line for it

    could u help with assets thanks

  • sorry for the late reply i would love some help thanks

  • Just a friendly tip: Please proofread your post! If you want to write for your own game, write professionally! Don't wright like you don't care...

    Also, 199 distinctive and unique levels is going to be hard to produce unless you got plenty of time (like.. I dunno half a year?)

    Anyhow, there's many folks jumping on board your game already so good luck with it!

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