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  • cristianpintos.com

    Hello everyone, I'm Cris and I can help you on your game through anything visual. I love designing sprites and doing illustrations. I also do animations and graphic design so I try to combine all of the above on my work.

    I do my designing through vector art in Illustrator, I have a pixel art example below but this was also done through Illustrator and exported to pixel art. If you're interested in this let me know so we can talk about your project and I'll send a free mockup sample of for your game to see if it fits or not!

    Here are a few samples of my works, feel free to ask any questions or tell me about your game so I can tell you what I can do for you.

    Click on any project for more info.

  • Hi Cris! Long time no talk. Forgot to reply on the other thread you 'd me, and I've been really busy (Washington DC college trip).

    Anyway, lovin' the art you've got up and around. I don't have anything I personally need for my own projects (yet, anyway!), but I will keep you in mind. : )

    How have you been? What got you into art development? This all looks quite new!

  • Hey man. Awesome how's everything in DC?

    Thanks a lot, looking forward to working with you!

    I've been good, at some point I stopped doing it as a hobby and started taking it more seriously. This is definitely what I want to spend my time doing and I'm happy to be working daily on game art and illustrations. I've also been doing graphic design and web design on the side.

    Here's an illustration I recently finished:



  • Hi Chris,

    Seriously, your art work looks amazing. What's your rate for doing a normal character art?



  • Hi Chris,

    Seriously, your art work looks amazing. What's your rate for doing a normal character art?



    Thanks a lot! Send me more details about the game and character, a description and the rest of the art that will accompany it. Also the animations you'd want along with it and I'll send you an estimate!

    Looking forward to your reply, Cheers.

  • Available again, here goes my latest client work.

    If you're looking for an artist for your game, wants to retouch a certain part of it, or even has a Scirra store request feel free to email me. I'd love to hear what type of assets are wanted

  • ur graphics gives me chills m8t awesome works can you pm me with some fee based on character's or full project?

    love the isometric world graphics its pure candylicious

  • Thanks!

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  • C91Designs All looks good.

  • Thanks Madrasmadnes!

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