2d bad to -the bone- 6-12player online fps game need team

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  • team name will be called Inscursion

    my 1st story of the game

    terrorist side /story:

    mission 1

    may 22nd june

    The day of interference

    one misarable reckless day in the wild

    since the day where thomas kush got greedy an went and invaded istarabia for money and sex,and food,

    the greedy candidate of america had blood on his hands!

    he called us terrorists and treated us like rotting shit ,all because of are past and present sterotypes

    until one day we had enough,until that one day we had no more.

    there was a group of resistance

    called ast alavim ,

    i was one of them ,

    are plan was a simple search and destroy mission

    to kill thomas kush and avenge are fellow comrads.

    quote : we should never live in despair therefore despair is are defeat

    my Skype trg optic


    I will need a artist if intrested who can also animate

    a 2nd story writer

    and a secondry programmer /layout designer

    second mission story


    mission 2


    (after cut scene)

    terrorist squad leader (prepares for breaching the door where the president stands)

    (elite forces members try to jump in front of the president)

    (terrorist marksman rushes through the door and (you)takes the shot, the president falls down in slow motion hiting his head on the floor with blood gashing out)

    elite forces leader "shit are priorty is down fallback!"(runs of in the distance with his group)

    cutscene (map zoomed in on white house ,then a explosion happens!)

    quote:cut off 1 head 2 more shall take its place

  • concept of character

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