2D artist required for text-based adventure!

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  • Hello!

    I am looking for a 2D artist who would be happy to dedicate themselves to making a text-based (w/graphics) adventure title for release on all ze platforms. I have an inventory system created and progress is coming along. Definitely planning to release this one! PM me if interested! Open to using any theme you want really.

    Current prototype > youtube.com/watch

  • it seem to be an escape game, i like that kind of games but is that work paid or for free?

    i'm interrested if this could be paied.

    im an artist pro if need u can send me an mp

  • Blade, you were on the DOFUS team!?

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  • Yes kokocipher, i worked for Dofus2 on characters, monsters and npc, and their animations.

  • I'd be interested in hearing more of your ideas on this game to see if I'd be interested in contributing.

  • Hello!

    Well I can't pay anyone but I guess we could head over to kickstarter once there is a working prototype. I am also thinking up some ideas to make it not a complete clone of Shadowgate. I have ideas for puzzles rooms where you drag items around the screen to complete puzzles combined with items from your inventory. The puzzle items can't be added to your inventory. The theme could literally be anything at this point and I would just discuss with the artist so that is something they are comfortable working with / passionate about! I am currently creating a 'drop item' button to get rid of things from your inv, a larger map of rooms visited which expands from the mini map. I have an idea to add in enemies that attack you, health, stats and other RPG elements although that might be too much at this stage and for an app. But we'll see...

  • Also to the guys that PM'ed me. I do not have enough rep to respond apparently. Sorry about that..

  • Now I do have enough rep to respond and have an artist for now. Thanks all!

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