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  • Hello, my name is Justin, and I do pixel art and pen/ink sketches.

    I'm interested in doing freelance work.

    Accelerated timelines may increase the cost.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I only accept Paypal.

    Examples of my work.... in video =D


    I'm not that great at designing ui or logos...I could try, but it's far more efficient if you have an idea in mind beforehand.

    Prices vary based on work assigned, time I believe it will take and other factors...

    --Character Example

    You want me to make a new character for you based off of the style of the other characters in your game. lets say the size you want is roughly 40x75

    I make somthing like this - $10 -- price depends on size - complexity - and if I'm coming up with the style.

    Then you decide you want me to animate the character - 6 frame running animation - price per frame depends on uniqueness of frames and size- for running on a 40x75 character it comes to $7 a frame -for a total of $42

    Lets say you want me to animate a stand sequence for the above char like 4 frames long looping

    it'll be something more along the lines of $4 a frame depending on how involved you want it to be

    basically animation frames could be between $4 - $10 per or more depending on size

    like violent awesome explosion is something that changes wildly every frame - thus costs more per frame

    --Backgrounds - flat $8/hr

    --Logos-- depends on complexity - but $10 per

    --Tile Sets - flat $8/hr

    --I can also do some pencil sketches - $8/hr

    Reiteration Cost depends on how wild the change is - to avoid this - be very clear and concise when I give updates.

    you can either pm me, or email me at

    More Examples... If you'd like to use any of the work I've shown on this page, simply contact me with an offer.

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