2D artist looking for HTML5 game dev partner.

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  • Hi! 

    My name is Tom, a Norwegian 2D game artist with 4 years experience.  

    I'm looking for an experienced HTML5 game dev (need some links to sold games) to team up with. 

    I'm looking for a longterm partnership (50/50), I'm not just some game artist who can work for rev-share when needed.

    You have to speak understandable English (for skype) and be over 18 years old (for contracts and other legal stuff).



    What I can offer:



    You can contact me at:

    or use this thread for questions. 






  • I would be glad to work with you but I'm under 18 (I'm 14) but I hope you get a partner soon!

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  • Naji Thanks! The offers has been plenty the last 24h, but finding the right one is the problem.

  • dhondon - I'm not surprised you've had plenty of offers, your artwork is amazing. If I wasn't already in the middle of a big project with another team I would probably have been amongst those trying to work with you.

    I particularly like the isometric wasteland art. Is that from a previous game project?

  • OddConfection Thanks:)

    Yes, its from a freelance project.

  • One question:

    What's kind of "(need some links to sold games)" ?

    Please be specific, do you need to see existing games in App store or Google Play? or do you need to see games are delivered to the client for freelance project?

  • Wow! Your artwork is outstanding! I've been waiting to be able to find a qualified artist to work with! I'll email all this to you as well, just to be sure you get it: I just recently started my website with my portfolio, but you can find some of the things I've made so far there: thelegendarychayed.weebly.com as of right now I'm designing an endless running platforming game based off the game Drill Dozer for GBA that I'm going to be releasing on Android and IOS. I use Construct 2 for my games, but I'm an experienced programmer and you can find my resume here: resume.com/chadwolfe

    I am also experienced in using the UE4 for game development, so if you can make some art for a game that could be made in that, that'd definitely make even more interested.

    And if you're interested, this is my old website, which I stopped updating quite a while ago:http://kiira.weebly.com/

  • I recognise your art style from the indiegamer forums (I think it was from there anyway). You've improved a lot. Wasteland one is awesome.

  • Thanks for the interest everyone, but I think I've found an programmer to work with. But if that does not work out, I'll update this thread.


    I need links to games that has been sold to HTML5 game portals.

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