2d artist for hire - pay after 20% .40%. 60%..completion

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  • We are creating a crypto currency oriented mobile game. Its currently in prototyp stage. Working on tablets (android).

    Small title for mobile devices, genre: towerdefense with action elements.

    We need an 2d artist who can setup sprites and backgrounds. (10 background tiles 80x80 and about 25 sprites, some with animation steps)

    Art-Setting: Fantasy/Crypto

    Please answer if you are interested. Please add idea of payment and a small description / link of your previous work.

    Will pay in euro or crypto coin btc/ltc/eth/dash whatever you are preferring.

    Will pay after completion packages 20% ...40%..60%...

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  • Job already taken. Thanks for reading. You can still send us a link to your work for future projects!

    We work in agile projects, with small product increments and always have some idead open...

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