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  • Hello,

    I am a graphic designer / illustrator, I have experience in creating assets for the games (mainly mobile) and am looking for some commission. I draw characters, backgrounds, objects, interfaces - just all the graphics required in the game.

    Mainly I'd be interested in some small games.

    Interested in payable orders. Cases of "at that moment we haven't nothing to offer, but as soon as the game comes out it will earn millions and then we split" - I'm not interested. ;]

    I present here graphics from the games - all concepts / illustrations can be found in the portfolio

    Portfolio : hmental.daportfolio.com



  • What are your rates?

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  • Depends on projects, but mostly few dollars (~5) per hour.

    Of course there is the possibility of negotiating ;]

  • i am currently looking for an artist to commission work to.

    i always wondered how this per hour pricing works. How can i check if someone finished a picture in 3 hours or spent 3 days on it?

  • bjadams - have you some doc, ,with list of required graphics? Send me mail - work something out ;]

  • It's nice to see fellow countrymen. Welcome.

    One question, why did you choose this images (your first post) to present here? You have so many beautiful artworks on your daportfolio, but for some reason you decide to show only this... well decent ones

  • Thanks! ;]

    I show only "assets" for games - like forum - illustrations is a different matter ;P

  • Hi - I have not enough reputation points - so I cant send a PM replay - so please contat with me by mail: kheavymental [at] gmail.com ;D

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