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  • 2D Graphic, Animations, Backgrounds & GUI's

    Rate: A fixed price per project or animation.

    Not interested in profit-share.

    Contact me at: animationclock@ gmail.com

    Skype: AmClock

    Website: animationclock.blogspot.com

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  • Your art is very nice but I guess ppl are more interested in forming teams since most of c2 users are indie and paying for sprites can be very expensive. I was planning on buying sprites myself when I started my first project but after hearing the costs I eventually got lucky enough to team-up with a great artist.

  • clock

    Your artwork is very nice but I think Remus B is right, C2 users are indie developers and a lot may be hesitant to buy potentially expensive custom art for projects that may or may not get finished.

    Have you considered making non-exclusive sprite packs for the new Scirra store? Being non-exclusive reduces the price for individual developers and potentially gains you more income per artwork.

  • I think that most freelancers who are doing this for a living is only interested in the 1-5% who has the money tho pay for their services. It's not their problem that you don't have an realistic budget. But the asset store is a good idea, to sell some graphics to those who only have pocket money to spend on the game art.

  • Agreed, but how many people would buy art or music from asset store?

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