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  • Greetings from Owl Studio!

    We are a tight-knit team of ambitious professionals with many years of industry experience. We create high-quality game artwork on commission. Our artists work with 2D art in different styles. Our priorities on the job are ensuring the highest quality of the end product and meeting deadlines.

    What we can do:

    We work with different styles: casual, realism, comics, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. We can either work with specific art style of a given project, or create a unique style for it. We are available for creating:

    Concept art

    Character design


    Iconography, game objects

    Interface design

    Promotion art

    Full art direction of a project

    What you can hire from us:

    Due to our extensive experience in game design we can easily navigate any technical specifications for graphics. This allows us to work on our tasks quickly and offer our own options for optimization of certain tasks.

    The studio's strongest suit is 2D game art. Of course, our artists don't only work on games, we have worked with various different designer and art projects, both digital and traditional. We can advise you in any and all art projects.

    Contact us:

    If you have any additional questions or want more information, please send us an email or a direct message, we will be glad to reply!

    Our contacts:


    Twitter: twitter.com/OwlStudiogames

    Email: infoejz@owl-studio.net

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    Happy New Year to everyone!

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  • Can you emulate an art style I have in place already? How much do you charge per hour?

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