2D Animator/Composer/Sound Artist Needed!!!

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  • HI! My name is Kevin Lee

    I've been working on a 2D Puzzle/Platform game (for 6 months now... huh...) called The World Below, and I need, just like I mentioned in my title, 2D animator (<- NEEDED REALLY BAD RIGHT NOW), Composer, and Sound Artist for this game.

    But before I go on, let me introduce myself.

    Like I said, my name is Kevin Lee (Let's play Guess What Ethnicity Is He?), and I am a programmer fluent in C#, JS, Korean, but not so much in English. I love using Unity 5 for game developing, UE4 is my secondary choice, and if everything runs out, then Blender is my third and last choice. I've studied game designing for a year now on my own, extensively studying game designs ranging from Super Mario to Bloodborne.

    But seriously, who cares about me, let's talk about the game.

    The game, The World Below, is a puzzle platform game about a dog (that's right fellas, we're playing as a dog) going on a journey! To where (Mystery hooks gamers to games btw, little game design tip)? Now, this is where you guys come in!

    Sorry to say this, but this is not paid. When the game's finished, the game will be totally free to play, and there won't be any money distributed for our hard work. BUT, here's a promise I can keep. Unlike some game developer, I tend to be stubborn so I will not give up on this game. So, this game is definitely something you can put on your resume. Alright, let's talk about you guys now.

    I need...

    2D Animator

    -Dog (the concept art of a dog is not available... the initial playable character had to be changed)


    Sound Designer

    If you're interested or have any question, please feel free to email me at or Skype Message me at IThinkItsKevin

    Thank you and have a great day!! (btw, here are some pictures to keep you guys interested)

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