2D / 3D Artist wanted (payment deferred)

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  • Hi,

    I am currently developing 2 titles with a programmer, we both actively work in the games industry and have a few years of experience behind us.

    Two of the titles are design complete with prototype art - one is Construct 2 based, the other is in Unity (iOS).

    I'm looking for someone who can produce 3D assets with textures and animation for the Unity project and I am also looking for a 2D artist for the Construct project, if you are interested in this please get in contact with me at m.manning117dus@gmail.com

    I can share with you design documents / prototypes and current builds of the games to validate the position.

    We can't pay upfront but we might be able to cover expenses / software costs related to the job. Any money made on the games after release will be shared between all participants of that project. I'm trying to keep the dev team small.



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  • What sort of assets is it you're after for the 3D project ? And what would be required for the 2D one ?

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