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  • Hi everyone, my game has system level and XP and I use it to show how much XP is missing for the next level one more type bar I wanted to sample a text sampled when xp I won at that moment

    Example when I destroy an enemy I will win 45 xp the bar will fill more right more I wanted it when it wins xp it will appear a texture showing how much XP I won at that time


    As you get 45 XP appears a written text +45

    As you get 250 XP appears a written text = 250

    Has how to do this by leaking that i get xp random type how to destroy an enemy ranges from 50 xp to 200 xp

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  • I think that you need to add an instance variable to your enemy. In this case it will be a number with initial number 45. After you insert a text object and you put it invisible. You go to your event sheet and you do when player kill enemy, set text visible

    set text (you go in your objects above, you click on the enemy and you choose your instance variable,45)

    Wait 5 seconds (for example)

    Set text invisible

    I will try to see for the bar,because about that I don't now much

    Sorry if it doesn't work I am a beginner

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