Working on my college project, any idea?

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  • I got 3 months to finish my college project and I choose Construct 2 as my development engine. So here's some questions:

    1. I've thought to make similar game like this*store/apps/details?id=com.PJgamestudio.ElectionStory14

    Remove the * and change it to /

    It's a game about being a manager of a political party and I found this game is simple because no much graphic related things needed like animation etc as the main interface is only a desk with some clickable variable.

    Is it possible to create this game as a complete newbie like me and the main problem is, is it possible to create such game using Construct 2?

    2. What things I needed to learn to make such game? Can you give me the idea so things can be narrowed down and not wasting time since it only less than 3 months

    3. I want to port the game to Android too, I know I can use Intel XDK, just wanna to make sure if there will be any problem when i port them using that IXDK tool?

    Thanks guys, hope to see an assuring answer from you all

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  • To start, you can look into some tutorials on how to add objects to your play area, how to create events and how to trigger those events when you interact with the objects. Get a good understanding of how those mechanics work and then you will have better idea of what you will be able to accomplish with Construct.

    Now, there are a couple things you (and everyone else coming to the forums to ask, "Can I make <insert any example> 2d game in Construct?") need to understand. Construct is a tool. It is a powerful tool with the capability of making just about any 2d style game without having to write code. That being said, a tool is not everything you need for game design.

    Construct comes with a large collection of templates as well as a wealth of tutorials to get you started. Whereas the forums should be a place to ask focused questions about topics you didn't understand while looking through these other resources. Your question about, "What things I needed to learn to make such game?" is so broad, there really is no answer. What do you need to learn? 1 - How to design a game. 2 - How to use the features of Construct to accomplish your design. Once you have learned these 2 things (which are really a lot of different lessons) you will be able to make any game you want.

    So, that's my rant for the day. Sorry, I usually prefer my posts to be a little more constructive. I hope the first paragraph at least helps you find a place to start. Good luck with your project.

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