[WIP] SeaMonkeys. A Stumbled Creation for Ludum Dare 37

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  • Hello fellas,

    I'm working in a new creating for the Ludum Dare 37. This round we will work with the Theme "One room"

    All I need is time to finish it with graphic quality, because the engine is already working and improving.

    The idea was born on the Topic Ludum Dare 37 exactly here:

    With the theme and an old desire to work with this memory, I started to search for some images to illustrate the idea.

    Everything started with an episode of Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror VII short "The Genesis Tub"", where Lise lost her tooth:

    In the end, they where destroyed.

    South Park joined the party with his episode called "Simpsons already did it"

    They where happy to follow two civilizations at war inside an aquarium

    But it ended with them destroying themself

    Futurama also did their own episode playing as god in Godfella

    Ending as we already know

    So, we learned something with it, don't play as God, rofl

    Let's start working.

    I prototyped a little version of a mix from Sea Monkeys and Aquaplay to play around

    But what this game will stand for? I wants this game give the player the chance to play as a God of pixels.

    The game play should be simple, touch compatible and vertical aligned to be played with smartphones and on computers.

    Both sides will have a mountain, where in the first food dropped, will reveal some pixels swimming in the glass. They are in the stone age.

    While you still giving food they will develop their civilization and multiply, increasing their city and envolving.

    The player will need to develop each side equally, also, pay attention in the behavior of each civilization, because some builds will prejudice the temper of that civilization and they will fight, destroying one or another side.

    Using the civilization as inspiration, they will evolve sufficient to build a space ship together and warp to the air, running away and you'll finish the game.

    Also, some bacteria will happen often, and they will fight them with their defense.

    You'll need to kill some of them when they are overpopulated, or the food will be not sufficient and they will fight.

    Well, at least the idea is set, now the art is the challenge and will consume 90% of the time =I was thinking in work with pixelarts, something similar to pixel size characters and builds:

    Smaller than this guy and

    compatible with

    So, in need of help to work with this challenge, if anyone have time to spare with arts, pop me a message =]

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  • That futurama episode is my favourite. God tells Bender "When you do things right, people won't know you've done anything at all." Which I think applies to game development in a huge way...

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