Why Popular Games Companies Don't Respond??

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  • Hi, Well as a hobbyist I'm a huge fan of many game developing companies like Rovio and PopCap,, and moreover I'm interested in contacting games companies. Useless, I contacted with some companies but there was no response so I came up with three conclusions:

    1) They don't have time.

    2) They are not willing to talk about business or they don't like to.

    3) They don't talk with young developers.

    If you know the right reason for this please discuss it here.

  • Maybe it's because they get bombarded with similar inquiries constantly...

    You need to carry on making the best games You can, get them out there, let people play them, when Your games are good enough to warrant attention, they may approach You...

    Good luck...

  • I guess those companies aren´t interested in "Smalltalk" as the make their stuff for a living.

    You wouldn´t talk to strangers either when you need the time for serious business.

  • Why talk with big companies when you can talk with indie developers? Some very well known developers have sites dedicated to asking them questions.

  • You are 14 years old... they can't hire you... is that simply.

  • katzin I don't want to be hired, I want to make games and asks them how because I'm interested in their games.

  • If you want to learn about how to design games :

    And that's only a small sample of the sum of informations that are available on the internet.

    So, no need to go to "big companies" and ask them about all this.

    It's kind of normal that they won't answer if you don't prove you've already gone through those "basics".

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  • ow.. sorry, i didn't read well.

    Normally a big company have lot of people and everybody has his job...

    Every mail is filtered, for example if you want to be hired the email is sended or redirected to recruiting to analyze if they want you, if it's an issue goes to support and so on. They dont have hired people to explain to a potential competition (you) how to success to create great games.

    If you want a great company to explain you how to create good games you need to work for that company, you need to study and they are going to hire you but for very little money at first.

  • Not only for popular games companies.

    Normally, some indie developers released of a game and earned popularity, then fans or developers would contact them with questions such as mechanics, comment and other, then indie developers won't answer.

  • Yeah and it is understandable, if you as a developer used so many time and or money maybe you don't want to give to someone for free because he/she could improve your game for free and then sell it so you don't get any money for the other dev or the players.

    I can't help too much right now resolving questions but atleast i translated a tutorial.

  • I don't think that you are necessarily entitled to the wisdom and experience that successful developers fought and bled for. There are plenty of books on game design, programming, etc. My recommendation would be to go to Amazon.com and go nuts there.

  • Listen to advice given by other posters. Especially pay attention to post by Kyatric - it is filled with good stuff

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