What's the best way to find an artist.

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  • I have just about finished my first real project with Construct 2. I have used the asset store for music, menu art, and sounds. My problem is I can't find any fitting art for my project, particularly a tile map. My game is a top down space style game. I need a 16x16 tile map and a few simple sprites.

    I'm not sure how I should go about this next step. I wouldn't mind paying an artist but i'm not sure what that may cost or how to get quotes. I'm also not sure the best way to go about finding artists. Or if I should put out what I have so far to try and get someone on board.

    Any input is appreciated.

  • I'm always interested in seeing what challenges I can overcome in art. I'd do it for you if it''s reasonably small. Any screenshots of the game as it is? What kind of style are you aiming for?

    If it's less than 20 tiles, reasonably simple style and you're alright with someone who has never done space related sprites before doing it I'd -maybe- give it a go (of course, no guarantees and such).

    As for finding an artist; if you're looking for a paid artist, try PMing one of the contributors in the asset store. Otherwise you can look for people on the forums who would be willing to make assets for you. There is also opengameart.org which may have what you are looking for or someone who'd make it for you.

  • A good artist can be easily picked through his creativity

  • fiverr.com

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  • I recommend you to look on

    fiverr.com, upwork.com

    but try to find people with experience in game assets, when I was starting I tried 2 guys that were very good but they had 0 experience with game assets, it's hard to explain why they need to do it this way or that way, they sometimes don't have the right point of view of a game.

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