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  • I am thinking of making a "database" app using construct 2,

    this "database" will have everything concerning and related to my life.

    I can just click on some button and directly access my school stuffs,

    then click another button and enter my army diary,

    then click another button and see all the construct 2 games i have completed.

    Anyone have weird game or app idea,

    feel free to share here.

  • The weirdest idea i had, was making a game for phone or tablet using touch, where you basically squeeze pimples :p but then I saw someone already made that.. lol

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  • A game about an inspector (more like a private eye) in search for his lost 10 years old daughter who ends up confronting an organisation who basically drugs children to sell them to pedobears, funnyly enough I also though of making this game a simulation game where you control the head of the organisation and take care of the kidnappings and such.

    no wonder I did not made it, it's sick!

  • Lol, i saw Charlie sheen music video... I ended up making a line snorting game, hammer space to sniff, then click and drag the tools to sort a new line, had ideas on time limmit, or a hazzy effect. But the idea quickly got old aha

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