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  • I had a really weird mmo idea. I don't care if you steal it, just include me in your credits.

    So here it is:

    Dragon Spinner - kind of like bey blades, but in a Viking style lobby where you join games, place bets, and buy gear. When you play a game, you spin a shield and make it crash into the other players shields and try to knock the over. Last one standing wins.

  • Beyblade? ;p

  • So credit you for saying make beyblades with common gameplay mechanics. Seems like an odd statement. Furthermore, the only thing "weird" about the idea is the Viking theme which seems rather thrown in. Not saying it would be bad, just that the idea has almost no detail to speak of.

    Would that be classified as a Massively Multiplayer Online game? I think that it would just be an online game due to the separate of rooms by a lobby system.

  • I would do a little more research on actual vikings first. Maybe find a theme that will allow you to fit it in a little better? Just a thought.

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  • Also sounds a little like Tin Pin Slammers from "The World Ends with You". You had those shirt pins. Each pin had it's own attribtues(weight, friction, power...). Then you would slam the pins at each other. The person who had there pin fall out lost.

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