Wanting to make a Visual Novel/Dating Sim

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  • Hello! I literally just downloaded Construct 2, so I'm 120% new to this. I've always wanted to make my own game and decided I wanted to play around with a game engine and make a dumb dating sim to start with lol. I'm an experienced pixel artist of 11 years but don't have a lot of programming knowledge, which is why construct appealed a lot to me. I can't currently afford Construct 3, so I got the free Construct 2 version (which I read a lot of people seemed to prefer anyway?)

    Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone has any tips or anything for making a visual novel/2D top-down combo game? My idea is a LoZ:LttP view/world with a visual novel twist. Like you can walk around and stuff but maybe entering certain rooms makes it a visual novel-esque game? I'm not sure yet, but something like that is what I'm hoping for. This will be my first game so I know it won't be perfect. I just wanted to play around with game development on my own for a change :3

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  • Start with the official beginner's tutorials to see if the event system makes sense to you, even though they are not for visual novel type games.

    I believe there are other game engines that are focused on make visual novels that would be more suitable for you if your intent is to make a visual novel.

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