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  • Hello Construct community, im just so glad and happy that I finally started my path of making games. I remember the last time I posted here, I discuss about goals and games that I wanted to make and start since completing my very first game. So, a lot has changed and ideas that I shared with everyone before on here has changed as well. I posted that I would make an endless runner game, and a fighting game that I would like to start on and sell. Now I have a new goal and plans , and they are to simply have a better name for a game business when I am to sell and get organized first. So I got my two business names that I would like to be known for and so blessed for the names. ( I will not mention them here, but you'll see the name in my new upcoming games. It will not be a "GamerDude96 Production" anymore). So I got that figured out and need to pick which one to officially go by. My other thing that I wanted to share is that im in the process of making my new game which is a shooting type alien game. I know this seem/sound clicheish but I got some good ideas for it that I know I can pull off to make it unique in it's own way. Once it's done, it'll be my very first game that i'll try to sell and put on stream and sell in app store and place a demo for new grounds. Until scirra allow c3 runtime, i'll post the games else where. But anyways, very confident on this and can't wait to show everyone what im working on!

    Also one more thing, Im in the process of learning 3D gaming as well. Im using Unreal Engine to get me started. I was using Unity, but Unreal Engine just seem more organized and more beginner friendly than Unity.

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