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  • I'm curious about what of your games or app got more number of events. My record at this moment is with my first game and it is 526 events with bad, unsuitable, unintelligent and wrong code

    What about your top??

  • The c2 version of my game loot pursuit is at 3,500 and the CC version is above 10,000. And yes, the CC version is an utter mess.

  • Courier is somewhere between 2500 and 3000 right now. No battling helps keep that down a bit.

  • In it's current state, my current game is 257 events, 57 of them are taken by functions (not 57 functions, but 16 functions and one of them take itself 11 events for exemple, and others have one to 4 events, I'll work to reduce that I think since I think it can be a little confusing to read in that case), 6 global variables (don't think I'll need more than that), 10 different groups for the ennemi AI (of course they aren't activated if not nessecary), also 10 else to those groups (so they can be activated only when they need to by some events), which goes to 89 events for 9 ennemis + bullets, 18 events for my personnal ennemi spawning system (it is not as bad as it sounds, since those are checked only when needed, and I organised them so that explains why they take so much space event wise), etc...

    At the end I can say that the number of event isn't that important, also a good-written code seems to take more space (since you have functions, groups, includes, good use of subevents, etc..), I have like 50 events in an empty project just for organisation sake, and I'm just talking about includes and functions and variables mostly.

    What is important is what your events do, in my case I have no collision checks done by default (other than touch controls when you are using them), they are only done when truly needed, and soem of them I skip half the time (one tick every two ticks) when they don't affect gameplay (I must precise that in my case collisions cells don't help since the actions occurs on the screen only).

    At the end do not worry about number of events that C2 counts performance wise, since what matter is how many are currently checked, and which ones are checked too, just code your project so you can read it and modify it easily, It'll be really worth it at the end.

    EDIT: also my project is meant to work on mobile devices if you wonder why I can say that performance wise it isn't a problem.

  • apx 2000 events. But I can cut about half of that and keep the current content the same. I've gotten a lot better since the development started and I found many ways to re-use code.

  • Ninja Legacy (first C2 game, first time programmer) has over 3,600 events. Running silk smooth on Android devices thanks to Intel XDK/Crosswalk.

    My current development, Star Nomad, is up to 1,800 events already, and it needs heaps of random missions and storyline missions, events to go. I'm a glutton for punishment, making big games on mobiles from the get go.

  • My engine overlay is only at 352 event atm, which is surprisingly low for what I've got in there, and I nest a lot! Probably will end up somewhere between 1000 - 2000 events.

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  • I'm around 2000, though construct 2 has changed a lot since i started the project. Also i think construct counts comments so it's hard to say the real amount.

  • I'm around 2000, though construct 2 has changed a lot since i started the project. Also i think construct counts comments so it's hard to say the real amount.

    Comments aren't counted as events, however, variables and groups and inclusions are

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