How To: Animate and Light Weapons

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  • Hey guys!

    I've been working on animations for our upcoming game, Dragonfly Zero, and wanted to share the process I used to create the weapon firing animations.

    Wasn't sure which subforum to put this in, as it pertains heavily to art. However, it does include a good deal of technical aspects of making the art, so this subforum should work as well as any!

    The write-up ended up being pretty long, but I added in pictures and humor where I could to make it more accessible. This post should be useful for artists and non-artists alike!

    You can either click the banner at the top, or click this URL: How To: Animate and Light Weapons

    Let me know what you guys think!

    A few of the animations:

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  • I like it! Not being much of an artist, myself, I feel these technique could help me with my own projects since you explained everything fairly well. Thanks!

  • DatapawWolf Glad you like it! I just updated it to include the original file I used, so you can compare your work or work off of that file while you go through it.

    I'll be writing similar, graphic-based blog posts in the future and actually have intentions to write one about how to fit your game to any size screen/aspect ratio coming up here within a month or so - so stay tuned!

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