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  • HI guys, I am working on my title screen for new game Paradox.

    This is what I have so far => http://www.thewyrm.com/paradox/

    It's work in progress, so lots of stuff missing. Basically what I want is a little cinematic effect when the user clicks on the play button. The monster will wake up and smash the holding tube and escape while all being viewed by the 'experimenter'. I was wondering on peoples views on how to do good smash effect on the tube? I'm aiming for bits of glass to fly into the screen. I will probably have to create a sprite animation, but wondered if there were examples of good alternatives?

    [Edited to reflect feedback as of 13/10/2013]

  • I would combine a sprite animation with spawning a bunch of broken pieces that all fall and move around. Add steam/smoke coming out, screen shake, possibly blur if you're targeting desktops.

  • C-7 Thanks, I was thinking along the same lines. I am targeting as many platforms as possible.

    So here is my title screen so far ->http://www.thewyrm.com/paradox/

    I am yet to add sound, optimise and do the second half, but feedback so far would be most welcome.

  • The breaking effect looks pretty good to me.if you got really fancy, you could show some light go up the tube really quickly like it is bowing just before breaking, but it looks fine and ran fine on my phone. Now you should work on improving those arms!

  • C-7 Thanks again. Which arms? and what needs improvement the effect or the sprites?

  • TheWyrm

    Looks cool! Feedback:

    • Doesn't seem to be frame rate independent. It is slow and choppy on a low performance or canvas device, and runs very fast on opengl/highpowered devices.

    The antenae (I think that's what they are) would great benefit from a few more frames of animation, unless you're specifically going for that jumpy look.

  • skelooth Thanks!

    -Sorted and uploaded a frame rate independent version.

    -I believe the 'antenae' are robot arms. So I actually do want them quite jumpy/robotic.

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  • I'm not sure if it's cached or not you might want to put a version number somewhere on it, but it's still framerate dependent.

    If those are robots then it makes more sense!

  • skelooth I suspect it is your local cache. I have just added the version number '' to the top right corner though, so you should be able to tell if it has been updated now.

    All the relevant numbers have dt applied so I'm a bit clueless if it is still frame rate dependent???

  • Yup, that fixes it!

    I couldn't expunge it from chrome (ARGH) but works good in firefox. Chrome caches c2 games way too hard. No amount of ctrl F5 or cache clears seem to do it

  • lol. yeah, I know what you mean. I find machine gun tapping refresh does the job... DakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDakaDaka!

    Glad that's fixed. Thanks for the feedback.

  • C-7 Thanks again. Which arms? and what needs improvement the effect or the sprites?

    The robot arms just could look way more impressive with a little more work.

  • C-7 updated arms in

  • This looks pretty weird but yeahh has potential...keep working on it!

  • I came back to look at this some more. The last time I looked at it, I was in a VM that did not have webgl, so it looked MUCH different, and in some ways better. Very very busy, way to many effects going on in there, IMHO. Also the green scanner effect would benefit from more frames of animation.

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