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  • Hello everyone,

    We all know how wonderful and easy to use Construct 2. Because there are lots of stuff to learn for me, i occasionally experiment different things or try to find out how to do "X" by myself. Sometimes i fail sometimes not but the most exciting part of those experiments is discovering different way of usage common things.

    So in this topic i want to share some small ideas, game mechanics or out of box usage of common things. Those will not be tutorials or full games so lower your expectations. Let's say this is a brainstorm.

    If you find a different way to use given samples feel free to contribute.

    You will find .capx files on given Scirra Arcade links if available.

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  • 1- Resolving image

    Simple and useful Polka Dots effect used in this one and it's one of the defaults in C2. (Needs WebGL)

    Basicly it creates mosaic effect from a photo and make it more visible in each tap/mouse click until image is clearly visible:

    Possibile game ideas:

    You can create "Guess the image / celebrity etc." type of game very simple. Because it's not a time based mechanic, multiplayer version can be turn based. So players will not need stable and fast connection to play.

    Source and demo:


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