What do you think of Playdate? Device for indie-games 👾🎮

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    Ran across this video the other day and thought how cool this was for them to make a gameboy like device for only indie games. Apparently this has been made a year ago but they are just now making an official release of the Playdate game device. I reached out to the developers myself to see if they would possibly be interested of my indie arcade game, Maze Zone, just yesterday and am waiting to get a reply💙. The device only have 4 indie games on it, but it can store up to 25 games on it. I may be interested in getting one myself but I'll have to see . I think it's possible for construct developers to their games featured on the device as well.

  • I'd rather spend a little more and get a Switch.

    Or spend a lot more and get a Steam Deck and do a Constructception.

  • newt

    I see your point. The Switch is more for popular known games tho then indie-games. They do have indie-games for the switch, but their games(nes/nintendo)mainly dominates the device such as smash bros, Mario kart, bros and party, Zelda, Pokemon ,etc. Steam Deck on the other hand is more for both indie and well-known games, which I never knew there was a Steam Deck until you commented lol. I had to look it up and do some research. I do like the idea of Playdate tho that it is made for the indie games as well. Im not sure if it's ONLY for indie games, but I do like the thought of that besides Steam Deck having a better edge over Playdate.

  • The SDK for this seems to be based on C and LUA, and relies on proprietary tools/not meant to allow you to use external tools like Construct.

    They will likely answer that to get your game on their console, you will have to redo it from scratch with their set of tools when available.


    I personally find the price to be pretty expensive for a "gadget" portable console.

    This reminds me of other previous indy consoles projects that never took-off.

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  • Thanks Kyatric. Very helpful insight and thanks for checking into it even further. I thought it could be possible in a way for Construct games to be playable or crossover but I guess not.

  • Just ran into this article today about the Playdate and another game device. Its basically saying why it won't last long despite a good idea it is.

    But who knows, it could do well.


  • Apparently it sold well for it's launch. So I do see potential in it and Im also curious to see the games that will come for this device as well. Articles of it keeps popping up on my feeds. Im looking forward to it tho.


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